November 15, 2011 posted by Bruce Gardner

POST NAR Conference Thoughts

POST NAR Conference Thoughts

The NAR Conference was an amazing event this year! Terrific information on trends in technology in multiple breakout events will help build a powerful presentation on technology for t
he next 6 months. I will be delivering that content soon.

The “Re-Invent! How to Succeed in the New Normal” presentation was a huge success! We had over 300 people in the room, standing room only at the end. The Seven Styles concept was extremely well received by the attendees. Lots of great feedback was received directly from conventioneers in the room. They loved the simplicity of the concept, it made perfect sense to them and many of them said that it was the best event that they had attended at the Convention.

We even sold out of the “Seven Styles” books in the NAR bookstore by the end of the breakout session, and we received invitations to speak nationally and internationally in the upcoming year.

The future is very promising. Our goal remains to change the way that the real estate industry has the conversation about how to succeed in real estate, and to empower as many agents as possible to create fulfilling and successful careers that are a great match for their personalities. 2012 should be a great year.

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