January 24, 2012 posted by Bruce Gardner

Challenge: Your Best Year Ever!

Challenge: Your Best Year Ever!

Success in real estate is about hard work, determination and discipline. It isn’t about some magical website or social media tool that you can set up in an hour that delivers a stream of Zombie Consumers directly to you who are ready to buy or sell. Don’t get me wrong, websites and social media are PART of the answer, but they aren’t THE answer. It takes more than that to build a real business today.

The “New” Consumer wants to work with experienced, capable Agents who know how to handle their transaction. You must be experienced and capable with what they will be doing. It’s no longer enough to have years of experience, you must be experienced in their kind of transaction, and they can find the right agent for them in minutes on the web. You must compete in this “marketplace of competencies” on multiple levels to win the day.

My commitment is to deliver the strategies and skills to the Agents of today that will help them compete in the “New Normal”, and I want to inspire 1000 Agents this year to have their “Best Year Ever”!!

Will you be one of them??

Are you ready to have your “Best Year Ever”?

Competing in the “New Normal” takes a clear and effective strategy. The “Seven Styles” system helps Agents understand the different profiles of success in real estate, and then choose the one or two strategies that are best for them. The wonderful part is that all of the Seven work! It’s a matter of choosing those that are a great fit for who the Agent is as a person, or will work in the current market. Once the Strategy is chosen, then the business plan makes sense. All of the elements and activities of the plan make sense, as do all of the elements that are NOT part of that plan. Great clarity is achieved for the Agent! They can then move forward with confidence to implement their plan without guilt!

My training this year is focused on my commitment to inspiring 1000 Agents this year, and includes these classes:

  • The Seven Styles Class: 2 Hours of review of the Seven Success profiles for Agents
  • The Seven Styles Workshops: 4 Hour business plan writing workshops by “Style”. We set goals, establish business “Metrics” to monitor our progress, analyze the strategy in depth, choose the strategic prospecting and marketing elements, identify projects to grow the agent’s business, creating a weekly time block of income producing activities, and then scheduling everything out for an entire year. Agents leave the workshop with a road map for success that they wrote, and one that they can implement right away. There is nothing else like it available anywhere.
  • Achieve! Four Hours a Day to 100k!: 2.5 Hours of specific business building activities designed to jump start an Agent’s business now and deliver a 6 figure income this year
  • Breakout! Your Best Year Ever!: 3 hours, a review of changes in our industry, what works today, generating leads from the internet, mastering market knowledge and more.
  • Re-Invent! How to Succeed in the “New Normal”: 1.5 hours of great ideas to understand what has changed and how to succeed in the “New Normal” of our industry. This is the presentation that was delivered to the NAR Convention in Anaheim in November 2011.
  • Buyer Mastery and Seller Mastery: 4 hours each of great skills based training on working with Buyers and Sellers. 4 CE credits each.
  • Super Sales Skills for Realtor’s: 4 hours of sales skills to help Agents learn how to move their Clients forward through the buying and selling process easily and naturally without pressure. Learn the “Consultant’s Formula”, the “Trade”, “Permission Based Selling” and more!

Once an Agent has built the skills required to succeed, and has defined their strategy, then they can build the structure that they need to move forward. Now we can create a website and build the other “web assets” that support and enhance their strategy. All elements work together to create a profitable and successful business.

My goal this year is to help 1000 Agents get to this place of clarity, focus, engage in the right activities and build the skills that they need to make it all happen.

Will you be one of them? Are you “In It To Win It?” Will this be “Your Best Year Ever”?


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  • This class is super awesome! I’ve attended many of Bruce’s classes and this one was a great motivator and inspiration for me to get it going this year! If you are interested in taking your real estate career to the next level I recommend taking any all of Bruce Gardner’s powerful classes.

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