November 18, 2014 posted by Bruce Gardner

3 Keys To Success in 2015!

The New Year always brings with it boundless enthusiasm and commitments to “be better” in the coming months.


But what does that really mean? Too often, lofty intentions get drowned in the tide of everyday events and challenges. How does one really effect change and get different results?


Some Assumptions: 

  • You can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and get a different result
  • You must commit to doing the right things daily and weekly
  • Real Estate is at it’s core a “contact sport”, and you must interact with people constantly to achieve results


So the 3 Keys are: 

1.   Make a list of the most income productive activities that work for you. This certainly depends on what kind of business you have. Are you working a relational database for repeat and referral business? Are You an Expert in niche of the industry or market? Are you working a geographic area? The answer to that will greatly influence what is on your list. Some ideas are:

    • Call your people. Connect with the people in your Sphere on Influence and build relationships. Every call does not need to be about real estate!
    • Make a list of all of your “Prospects” and start calling them regularly to check in and see if there is anything they need from you. This one activity could double your income!
    • Send two real estate related emails out every month to everyone you know.
    • Preview properties once a week. Invite a Contact or Prospect to go with you.
    • Post one blog post every week. No more than 2 paragraphs,
    • Call all of your “Clients” every week.
    • Attend one social event every week and meet two new people.
    • Take someone to lunch every week.
    • Send out a marketing piece to your target market every month

So make your list. What activities get you the most results?


2.   Make a commitment that you will be involved with the activities on your list at least 10 hours a week! Just focus your efforts for 2 hours a day! If you just do that you will see a massive shift in your results. To accomplish this, you’ll need to plan every week in advance and schedule those 10 hours, taking into account the unique nature of every individual week. There is no “perfect” week, in reality they are all slightly, to significantly, different. One week has a holiday, the next has an all day training event, etc. Failure to allow for that variance makes for certain failure with your good intentions and excuses that “I’ll do it next week”. 

If you need a weekly planning worksheet, click HERE.


3.   Get help. Accept that you are not capable of keeping up with everything that you need to accomplish in real estate constantly. You aren’t. The top performers understand this, and they understand that when they have help, it frees them up to focus on the activities that deliver the greatest returns. An easy first step: Make a list of the things you really don’t like to do. Those activities that you really dread and avoid doing. Everyone has a list like this! Then find someone to do just those things. Imagine how much better you would feel just to accomplish that! If this amounts to 30 hours a month at $12 per hour to eliminate the stress that comes from even the thought of doing things you don’t like to do, it’s well worth the expense.


Certainly success in the real estate industry involves other activities, but when you accomplish just these 3 things in your real estate world, you will see a huge shift in your results and you will be on your way to becoming a very intentional person. Spending time on the right activities will make for a massively successful 2015!

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