November 18, 2014 posted by Bruce Gardner

The 2014 NAR Conference and Expo, New Orleans, LA

2014NARConferenceandExpoAs a Speaker at the annual NAR Conference and Expo for the 4th time, I have to comment on this experience. First of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the premier real estate event of the year, with attendees from over 80 countries around the world. It’s an honor to share the stage with other incredible speakers and industry luminaries, and have to the opportunity to share ideas with some great audiences.

This year, I had two sessions: “Coaching Your Agents With the Seven Success Styles” on Friday, Nov 7th and then “Getting Listings in a Seller’s Market” on Sunday, Nov 9th.

I  must say that I really enjoyed presenting the “Getting Listings” material since it’s full of realistic lead generating ideas for the digital age of real estate, and it always gets a great response from the audience.

And I was very excited and passionate about presenting the “Coaching Your Agents With the Seven Success Styles” session. The Seven Styles concept is based on my book, “Seven Styles. How To Design Your Real Estate Career of Success and Significance”, and it’s always great to talk about the book. But this time it was much more than that. I expected, accurately as it turns out, that the audience for this session would be comprised of working Agents, current real estate coaches, business development staff and Brokerage owners from around the world.  For me, this was an incredible opportunity to share these concepts with the right people who were in a position to share them with others and incorporate them into their efforts when working with their Agents. The impact of this one presentation on the careers of countless Agents and the possibilities of making an incredibly positive impact on their lives was very inspiring to me.

For the session, the room of 300 seats was completely packed. I was told that there were between 100 and 200 people in the line outside the room who couldn’t get in, and who were upset and disappointed. Clearly this was a hot topic in the minds of the Conference goers. Coaching in real estate is an emerging field that, when done well, enables Brokerages to increase the the productivity of Agents and certainly drives bottom line results in a Brokerage. However, I’ve always been convinced that the industry suffers from a “One Size Fits All” approach to coaching that enables some Agents to achieve great results, but completely misses the mark with countless others that don’t fit the mold of that “One Size”. The “Seven Styles” concept enables a “Coach” to assist an Agent to discover some unique business building options for that Agent based on their own individual “assets” and personality profiles, and empowers that Agent to potentially create a unique and authentic career in the industry that leverages their skills, assets and natural talents and abilities.

The PowerPoint slide show from this presentation is available by clicking HERE.

I must report that the feedback after the session has been nothing short of incredible. Attendees crowded the stage after the presentation and shared with me how much they were inspired by the ideas, and how excited they were to share the ideas with others and use the concepts in their own coaching efforts. I’ve received countless emails since the event requesting more information about the material and new inquiries about appearing as a speaker at events across the US.

My take on this response is that the time for this new approach to coaching Agents has arrived, and the industry is seeking a new perspective on Agent development, and the “Seven Styles” concepts are a perfect fit for the new Digital Age of real estate and the Information Empowered Consumer who is “interviewing” prospective Agents online to find the most capable and the most knowledgeable Agents for their next transaction. Agents who are implementing business strategies that reflect their talents and expertise, and who have a clear “Business Identity” online, are reaping the rewards of connecting with Consumers who are choosing them for exactly that reason. The question I am always asking myself and my audiences is: “If this is what is happening right now, where will we be in 5 years?”. I believe that we are quickly approaching a “tipping point” where Agents with really well developed and clear Business Identities will emerge as the dominant Agents in terms of productivity and success. The “Seven Styles” concepts are the perfect way to enable and empower Agents to find these unique “Identities” and develop the business strategies for success for today and in the future.

If you attended the presentation at the Conference, thank you. If you missed it, please download the presentation by clicking HERE.

If you think there might be a benefit from me presenting at one of your events in the future, please email me at Bruce@BruceGardner.com

I look forward to continuing to work on this effort, and in making a difference in the lives and careers of serious and committed Agents and real estate Brokerages in the future.

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