November 21, 2014 posted by Bruce Gardner

The Mastermind Group Meetings By “Style”

Yesterday, we launched a new program for Agent development in Denver. This may the first ever support group meetings for Agents based on their Business “Style” or strategy. Based on the Seven Styles book, the groups are organized based on a specific Agent business strategy. The Agents in each group meeting are all pursuing a similar strategy, but are not direct competitors. They will be able to share successes and ideas, and work collaboratively to solve business challenges in a supportive environment. We will meet monthly each month from September until April, breaking for the busy summer real estate season.

The first meetings were yesterday, and the results were awesome. The energy and excitement in the room for each session was high, and the Agents were excited to meet others “like them” to share ideas and work on moving their businesses forward. I am personally excited about the future of this idea.

The groups were: “Experts”; those Agents working in a niche of the business; “Hyperlocalists”: Agents who specialize in a neighborhood or a specific geographic area; “Farmers” and “Networkers”: Agents who are generating business from a network of people or a “sphere of influence”; and “Lifestyle” Agents: Agents who are members of and are generating business from within a “tribe” of people.

If you participated in the events yesterday, thank you for attending and I hope to see you at future meetings.

If you missed it and would like to attend in the future, please email me at Bruce@BruceGardner.com.

If you would be interested in forming your own groups in your area and would like some assistance with the mechanics and logistics, email me at Bruce@BruceGardner.com.

Thank you again to everyone who participated! This should be an awesome experience for you as we continue to meet!

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