March 31, 2011 posted by Barbara

Thriving Today With The New Consumer

Thriving Today With The New Consumer

The biggest challenge most agents face today is the development of a consistent and productive lead generation strategy. Typically, once they have developed a Client relationship with a Consumer, they usually excel at delivering great customer service and helping that Consumer achieve their real estate goals. The problem is finding enough Consumers to work with on a regular basis. When you take this challenge, and add the changes in communication with the internet and social media, and the economic upheaval of the past several years, you have a real problem.

What does work, especially now?

What used to work really well may not work well now, or even work at all.

So “going back to the basics” may be a terrible idea.

The answer is found in the question: “What does the Consumer want from us?”

Answer that question, and you will be on the path to new success that will work today.

Serve the Consumer, and you will Thrive.


“The best way to get what you want in life, is to help other people get what they want”, Zig Ziglar

“Seven Styles” was written to address this challenge, and to help agents find a genuine and authentic method of generating leads for their real estate business.

Here’s a simple formula for lead generation today: Know who you want your Clients to be, develop the skills and build the Value Proposition to serve that Client, promote your Value Proposition through your Web Assets and Social Media Communications, and actively interact (prospect) with these Consumers/Clients to develop relationships that will grow into business relationships.

Obviously this is a rather general statement and somewhat philosophical, but there are multiple examples of agents succeeding by following this simple formula.

What is fascinating is to contrast this with the advice from the past. The old ways included door knocking, mass mailings, newspaper and magazine advertising and more.

We live in a new world today, and this new world in populated by the information empowered Consumer, and the seek real estate agents who clearly understand their needs, and have the skills and services (your Value Proposition) that serve those needs. And this new world offers incredible opportunities for success for agents who understand this new dynamic.

Serve the Consumer, and you will Thrive.

Do you have a real lead generation system, and is your current lead generation system about “service”?


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