The Buyer Mastery Class

This is a in depth class on improving your conversion skills at all steps in the Buyer process, and will improve your confidence when dealing with Buyers. Topics covered will include:

  • Understanding the Buyer conversion process and the steps involved.
  • How to generate more clients from your leads
  • How to limit the number of homes shown and streamline the search process
  • How to operate as a Consultant and limit your legal liability by properly assisting your clients with making decisions
  • How to expertly advise your clients on Inspection issues, Title issues, HOA issues, surveys and ILC’s and more.
  • How to add administrative assistance and Buyer Agents to your business


You will learn how improve your performance at every step, and how to generate more closings from your Buyer leads.

Read some comments from agents who have attended this Class:

“It was amazing.  This was truly helpful.”

“Good ideas on moving process forward by elimination of homes – getting agreement.  Bruce is great!”

“Thank you.  Breath of fresh air as I start my career in RE.  I can’t wait for your next class!!  I’m so ready to help set the world on fire!!”

“Very fun – excellent info.”

“Great class, great handout for us to refer back to.”

“I really enjoyed this class.”

“Thank you for all the structure and I look forward to implementing the new things I’ve learned.”

“Great job.  Thanks!”

“It’s a great step-by-step comprehensive guide.”

“Down to earth and easy to understand and I will be able to use this immediately.”

“Bruce made things current & touched on topics that will help agents avoid legal entanglements – Excellent Class – Thank you.”

“Easy ideas to put into action.”

“Great class, excellent instructor.”

“Fantastic class!  I’m very excited to start implementing what I’ve learned.”

“I have a road map to move ahead.  Good information.”

“Used good examples of ‘real life’ situations.”

“Great, practical ideas!”

“Awesome!” “Great presenter, always informative and matter-of-fact.”

“Awesome class!”

“I enjoyed Buyer Mastery so well I recommended Seller Mastery to several agents in my office.”

“Such good stuff already!  He was awesome!”

“Overall excellent experience.  Bruce is fantastic!”

“Love the class!!  Thank you!”

I liked it all!”

“Go to this class, an excellent class for any agent, new or not new.”

“It is a must to establish a direction for you in Real Estate.”

“Excellent, if you want to work with buyers, this is the class to take!”

“Great, must go.”

“Detailed instruction in easy to absorb format.”

“You cannot completely understand the value unless you go (to this class).”

“The logical nature of the class is excellent… It’s invaluable.”

Check the upcoming class schedule and reserve a seat. Improve your skills and results with Buyers!