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Bruce has written two ground-breaking, best selling books for the real estate industry. His first book, Seven Styles, is about the seven core lead generation strategies for real estate agents. The second book, WORDS, is a cutting edge sales training manual for the successful real estate agent in today’s real estate industry.


Seven Styles. How To Design Your Real Estate Career of Success And Significance.


This national best seller is an in-depth look at how today’s top performing real estate Agents generate business with a clear and focused lead generation strategy. It explores the relationship between an Agent’s DISC personality profile and the best lead generation strategies for that personality. This thought provoking and idea packed book will change the way you think about your real estate business and help you focus on the right activities to grow your business. Finding your own authentic and genuine business strategy liberates you from thinking you have to do “everything” to generate business. Most very successful Agents have one or two specific lead generation strategies that are a good fit for their personality, and this book will help you discover your best best career building lead generation system.

Each of seven “Styles” is reviewed in detail, helping you to understand the concepts and marketing tools for success. There are also 15 interviews in the book with Agents who are working these different lead generation systems. These interviews bring each of the seven styles to life and present a real world understanding of how to implement each style.

Your lead generation “Style” helps to identify your business “identity”, and that encourages the right Clients to seek you out or know when you and they are a good match. This “identity” will help you craft your online profile for all of your web assets (websites, portal profiles, etc.).

This book will become part of your essential real estate library, and you’ll refer to it regularly for guidance. It also is invaluable when your real estate market shifts, and you have to re-think your lead generation strategy for continued success.

There is no other book available today like it. Order your copy today!


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on April 15, 2014
I read this book in 2012, about 10 years into my real estate career. Even at that point in my career, it was a game changer. I think that every licensee should read this book before they start their real estate career. It provides a blueprint for what kind of lead generation you should focus on relative to your personality type and skill set. Highly recommended.
on July 24, 2012
I bought this book by recommendation of my friend and was completely glued to it! We all come to real estate indutstry thinking about being successful on learning from the best. But what perfectly works for ones, won’t work for others. So, no wonder that 50% of agents are done with their real estate career by the 5th year. When I started reading this book, it made so much sense to me, what type of approach I can use to move forward, what fits me as a person. This book is everything you need to get on the right track…
Highly recommend! Must read!
n May 28, 2016
When you get started in real estate, out of love your brokerage will hand you a stack of documents, guides and a list of 50 things you can do to be successful in real estate. While all of that is fine and dandy, it’s highly unhelpful if you try to do all of them or mimic the top producers in the company whose style is not at all what you would prefer to do. I love that this book says it’s okay to embrace your personality, your strengths and play to the market and people of what makes you enjoy doing what you do -instead of trying to be like everyone else. If you’re tired of being confused, making lists of items to try but are procrasti-working instead of being excited to talk to people who want to work with you, then give this bad boy a read. It’s well worth your time to make a plan that excites and motivates you, rather than be drained and frustrated.
n March 3, 2011
I wish I had this book when I started in real estate! This book should be required reading for new licensees. It is also VERY helpful for seasoned real estate agents that want or need to increase their production; while doing things that are comfortable to them. The book demonstrates success methods based on your style of interaction with people. No fluff, just good, honest information. This book is a must have for anyone in, or looking to go into, the real estate industry.
n November 28, 2017
Seven Styles is a must read for all agents and would be agents. I have been a Realtor for 33 years and it was not until I read Bruce Gardner’s Seven Styles that I finally understood that I had value as an “atypical” agent. While I knew I served my clients, I did not feel I was the typical agent. I felt that I was less valuable than the typical agent. Mr. Gardner helped me see my value and how I could further develop my expertise and become a more valuable agent in both my client’s and my eyes. Thank you, Mr. Gardner :-)
 on January 9, 2011
This book really gets away from the “Cooker Cutter” approach to Real Estate sales…It is the first reading that I have come across that allows the Realtor to identify their personal strengths and be able to more effectively initiate their marketing plan.



WORDS. What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say. The Ultimate Guide To Selling More Real Estate In Any Market.

This is the best real estate sales training book available today!front-cover

It’s packed with real world examples of sales situations and challenges, and how to deftly navigate them with skill and style. “Sales” in real estate is an acquired skill, and this book condenses years of experience and training into one valuable resource for learning how to sell more real estate in any market. There are plenty of “scripts” included, but the goal is not to have you just memorize them, but to help you build a powerful and effective set of skills and techniques that you can apply in real life situations. It’s organized into sections for Buyers and Sellers, and also for working in both Buyer and Seller markets. This is essential when the market changes and new skills are needed for a different set of situations and challenges. This will become your best resource for learning how to manage the challenges you encounter in real estate, and your will refer back to this valuable book again and again.

Here are some of the chapters in this skill building book:

  • Success concepts for the real estate professional. This short but powerful chapter is a summary of the philosophies and principles of seasoned professionals, and helps you understand the right approach to succeeding in the real estate industry.
  • How to answer the two questions: “What do you do?”, and “How’s the market?”, and turn each of these questions into a business building opportunity.
  • How to master market data and crush the competition! This chapter reviews the basic analytical skills for real estate market data and positions to you to quickly become the expert on any neighborhood or market segment. Today’s Consumers want to work with skilled professionals, and nothing impresses them more than an Agent with detailed, granular market knowledge and insight. This chapter shows you how to analyze market data and provide the guidance that Consumers want from their Agent.
  • Powerful real estate sales skills for any market. This is the core skill building chapter for success with prospects and Clients, and you will rapidly learn the skills and techniques that generate real results. This chapter reviews the sales skills unique the real estate industry. You will learn how to operate as a “Consultant” and never be pushy or manipulative. You’ll benefit from the author’s 35+ years of sales training and experience in sales and real estate, and gain effective skills that you can use right away.
  • Selling yourself online. In today’s information age, the Consumer researches everything online, including you. Knowing how to present yourself online as a real estate professional can pay huge dividends, and your online profile is an essential part of the sales process today. This chapter builds on the concepts in the Seven Styles book and is essential to your success today and in the future.
  • Generating leads and converting them into Prospects. This chapter is skills focused on the income producing activities of generating and converting leads into prospects that can be cultivated into Clients. This chapter will help you make more money with the same lead volume.
  • Working with Buyer and Seller prospects and Clients in Buyer and Seller markets. These chapters build powerful skills in almost any situation, and also how to succeed in both Buyer and Seller markets. Since the challenges and situations are different in different markets, you’ll need a new set of skills and scripts when the market changes. These chapters guarantee you’ll be refering to this book again and again in your career.
  • How to price any property in any market. One of the most common challenges you face in real estate is preparing a market analysis of properites for listing appointments and for Buyers when they are interested in a specific property. This chapter will help you build the skills to effortlessly determine the market value range of any property, and be confident in your result. This chapter alone is worth the investment in the book!
  • How to master the listing appointment like a pro. You’ll learn a simple process for your listing appointments and valuable skills for converting more of your appointments into sellable listings. You’ll learn how to eliminate your competition within a few minutes of arriving at the appointment, how to get the Seller to tell you the market value of their property, and how to never negotiate your commission again! Listings are the cornerstone of any successful real estate career, and this chapter will improve your results and confidence quickly!
  • How to go from Rookie to Rockstar in record time. So many new Agents waste enormous amounts of time and money launching their careers without a good game plan for building the necessary skills and creating a lead generation system for success. This chapter provides a step by step process for rapid results and will get you up and running as soon as possible. You’ll even learn how to expertly and confidently answer the dreaded question, “How long have you been in real estate?”.

This unique book will be one of your best investments in yourself and your career. It drastically reduces your learning curve, and you’ll learn practical skills that you can use immediately to get results. Order yours today!

Retail price for “WORDS. What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say. The Ultimate Guide To Selling More Real Estate In Any Market.” is $34.95.

You can order your copy by clicking on the link below for $30.00 plus tax, and shipping is FREE in the US.


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To order 10 or more copies of “WORDS”, your price is $26.50 per copy, plus tax, with FREE Priority Mail shipping. Order by clicking on the link below:

on January 26, 2017
Bruce has authored a very good real estate guide on scripts, dialogues and phrases that will make any real estate agent feel more powerful and confident in communicating with clients. Highly Recommend.