The Seller Mastery Class

This is an in depth class on converting listing opportunities into sellable listings. This class will improve your skills and confidence when dealing with Sellers and your Listing appointments. Topics that will be covered will include:

  • Understanding the Seller conversion process and the steps involved
  • How to operate as a consultant and limit your legal liability by properly assisting your clients with making decisions
  • Pre-qualifying the Seller on the phone
  • Understanding different CMA strategies
  • One visit and two visit listing appointments
  • How to easily eliminate your competition!
  • The order of events in a listing appointment
  • Review of a Powerful Listing Presentation
  • Presenting the CMA
  • How to get the Seller to tell you what the Property will sell for!
  • Closing on the Listing price
  • Presenting your marketing plan
  • How to never negotiate your commission again!
  • The agent/assistant relationship and incorporating leverage into your business
  • Negotiating offers and inspections
  • Managing the closing and solving conflicts in the closing room

You will leave this class with skills and scripts that you can use immediately to improve your results with Sellers and listing appointments!

Read some comments from agents who have attended this class:.

“Great information & picked up nuggets of wisdom that I will use in my business.”

“Very informative, great to help close listing appt.”

“Moved fluidly through process.  Ample bullet points & great script suggestions.”

“Great class.  Full of info & fun.  Glad you’re willing to share.”

“Bruce was to-the-point and kept it flowing very well.  This was fantastic!  Loved it!”

“Great pace, useful knowledge, no fluff… Bruce was a great speaker.”

“I’ve taken this class last year and still picked up a ton today.”

(Liked best) “Sharing of your presentation you worked hard to develop, thank you!

“The listing presentation is awesome!  Good speaker, keeps audience involved…”

“Lots of energy from instructor.”

“Excellent – I would highly recommend this class!”

“Helped me know how to be in control during the presentation.”

“Dynamic presentation.”

“Would & have already recommended to others.”

“One of the most informative classes I have attended.”

“It’s perfect for today’s market.”

“Great class. Offer it more often, would like my business partners to attend.”

“Best class I’ve taken in 15 years as an agent!”