Jim Casey
Realtor and Broker with Brokers Guild Cherry Creek LTD
I have taken 2 different classes from Bruce and both were excellent. His many years in the Real Estate Business really show during his presentations. I was able to utilize his techniques the next day. Highly recommended!!


Tucker Wannamaker
Co-founder and Chief Marketer of Magneti Marketing
Bruce is a visionary and has a much needed message to our real estate industry that needs leaders to pioneer new paths. His focus on helping real estate agents find their passion and expertise, as well as getting them back to basics of being professional and relational with their clients and prospects will be the message to bring our industry into the next decade.


Kevin Olson
Broker Associate at RE/MAX Advantage Colorado Springs, CO
Bruce creates an outstanding environment ideal for learning the many creative ideas and techniques he teaches. The classes are well worth the time and money spent.


Melisa Hatfield
President,Team Leader, The Wise Listing Team
I would like to recommend Bruce for his work in Mastery, Inc. I attended a course that he taught through his training and coaching company, it was informative, useful and information I could take back to my office and use immediately to increase sales. I will look forward to a future class to learn out-of-the-box thinking that Bruce provides to increase my business!


Paulette Tupper
Associate Broker, GRI CNE SFR
Bruce is an effective coach and mentor successfully helping real estate agents realize their full potential. Bruce is a leader in understanding what makes a successful agent. On the cutting-edge of new technology trends, methods and tools, Bruce guides agents in adapting to rapidly changing technology and new electronic real estate landscapes. His insights have helped agents look inward, understand themselves and employ their strengths and unique styles to be a success. Bruce’s caring and concerned approach to every agent’s wellbeing and their future, along with his vast knowledge and experience make him a valued member of the Real Estate community and my friend.


Mari Takeshita
Broker Associate at Cherry Creek Properties
Listening to Bruce Gardner at a seminar, I realized the scope of his knowledge regarding real estate trends of this year. After having a one on one consult (2hrs) our conversation gave me directions and keys to where I am now devoting my time and energy. I’ve been in real estate industry for 21 yrs and staying in touch with new technological updates is critical. Bruce has done that and that was the important for me. But his wealth of experience and knowledge will help you, No matter what level you want to attain. I will retain Bruce with the next marketing/business development project next on my list. This is the year to kick butt and BRUCE is my “right shoe”


Barry Kunselman
Realtor at PorchLight Real Estate Group
I have known Bruce over the years and always thought of him as a great coach and excellent Real Estate adviser. I recently took his class on the 7 Big Trends Changing Real Estate and now see Bruce in a completely different light. Bruce does an incredible job of explaining how buyers and seller are not only more savvy because of technology but they are in many times further down the buying and selling process than I once thought. I have now changed how I approach buyers and sellers which has helped me communicate more effectively with my clients and has made me look like the true professional I am. If you are in Real Estate I would highly recommend taking one of Bruce’s classes.


Wendi Milinkov
Business Development Manager
I have had the pleasure of sponsoring many of Bruce Gardner’s classes over the years. Each year he motivates, inspires and educates hundreds of Real Estate, Lending and Title professionals. His material is current, relevant and very visionary. He is the best type of instructor and I’m very pleased any time I have the pleasure of partnering with him to present a class. Thank you Bruce for continuing to be one of the best!


Jan Baer
Broker Owner/Realtor, BAER Realty LLC.
Thank you Bruce! Your seminar on Farming Today in the digital age opened my eyes to the many creative ways consumers and Realtors can effectively use iphones, ipads with free apps to increase sales leads and drive business by connecting with each other! Excellent and informative class.
I learned so much in 2 hours, I will highly recommend to others! Cheers!



Linda Murphy
Stewart Title, National and Local Business Developement Officer, Marketing Consultant, Business Coach, Mentor,
Bruce Gardner is one of those rare minds that has such an IMPACT on both the Seasoned and Newer Agent. His presentation and delivery style provide a look into the future that help us embrace the “NEW NORMAL” creating success, innovation, and inspiration for both the Business World and Personal Growth! Trustworthy and Competent– YOU do not want to miss his Seminars!


Lane Walsh
Broker/Owner at Dwell Denver Real Estate
I have practiced real estate for almost 7 years now and I have read a lot of books, attended a lot of classes, done a lot of personal growth work around becoming a better real estate agent. If there is a program, I’ve tried it. If someone tells me to do something that will make me better, I try it. Bruce’s course on “How To Succeed In The New Normal” really made me think. Within a day, I evaluated my business and had more than a dozen “take aways” that I can implement right now to better myself and my business. I highly recommend his courses!l


Wes Sjaardema
Residential & Commercial Realtor & Roofing Consultant
I have participated in several of Bruce’s classes and business building seminars. His wisdom, out of the box thinking, and knowledge of real estate and human nature make the information he shares extremely valuable. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Bruce helps participants identify how their personal styles can be used to enhance their success as well as their enjoyment in their real estate careers.


Tammy Marasia
Metro Denver Realtor in Residential & Commercial, North Denver Hyperlocalist helping people to relocate, buy or sell
I have taken Bruce’s classes at the Board. I highly recommend them all. He is a technical savvy and Realtor Brilliant. Always a pleasure to work with him


Barbara Dellis
Real Estate Broker
Bruce has the ability to read deeply into brokers he coaches or teaches to determine exactly what they need to advance their real estate careers and he delivers. As a speaker, he is extremely engaging, insightful and knowledgeable on every topic he speaks on. I highly recommend Bruce as a real estate coach or teacher to any broker who is new to the industry or needs a jump start on a lagging career. I also highly recommend him for speaking engagements as a keynote speaker for the real estate industry.


Kathleen Nolan
Owner, Nolan Real Estate, LLC/Metro Brokers
I took a real estate class taught by Bruce Gardner and found him to be extremely knowledgeable about real estate. He was well-prepared to teach the class and very personable. Based on my experience in his class, I am certain that he is an outstanding realtor and an excellent teacher.


Lisa Keith
Owner – Hair @ Lisa’s Salon
Over the 18 years I’ve known Bruce Gardner, he has generously shared his insights, knowledge and support with regard to my own entrepreneurial businesses, helping me considerably to achieve my professional goals. I can only imagine the successes you will create instantly working with Bruce as you strive for top seat in the real estate industry!


Dave Ahrens
Broker Associate, Realtor, ASN,GRI,SFR. 719-352-2670
Bruce is an instructor at Mastery Inc. Whether you are a new Real Estate Agent or a veterin, Bruce has a system to take your skills and strengths, apply them to your business, giving you new direction which can then make you a better agent and more successful. I would highly recommend Bruce to anyone who is either having a hard time adapting to this “New Economy” or looking for new ideas and systems to become more productive.


Jeff Fox
Associate Broker at Century 21 Golden West Realty
Bruce was an excellent instructor and mentor in helping me get my feet off the ground in real estate. His class on Seller Mastery was a huge help to me as I sought to distinguish myself and my services in the real estate field. I would strongly recommend anyone to take any of the classes Bruce teaches.


Mike Haywood
Broker / Owner at Haywood & Associates / Metro Brokers
Bruce is currently offering some of the finest training available as it relates to the changing Real Estate market and trends we are now experiencing. I cannot recommend anyone higher.


Claire Boynton, ABR
ABR, Listing & Buyer Specialist at The Platinum Group
I recently took Bruce’s Real Estate Career Mastery Class. I needed an energy boost in my business and I sure got one! Bruce has a different way of looking at why some Realtors struggle in their business and others are successful. That there isn’t a magic bullet that all Realtors should follow to lead them to success. His individual approach to success based on personality profiles was eye-opening for me and re-charged me to push forward with changes I’ve been planning with my business and to take up some new approaches to driving business to my door. I’m in the process of implementing those changes and am very excited. I’m looking forward to learning more through his coaching program.


John Woullard
Automobile Broker
“I had the pleasure of being a student at a series of classes taught by Bruce Gardner. The content of information pertained to Real Estate; specifically I learned about working with buyers and sellers.
I found Bruce to be an off-the chart Instructor. He had absolute control of the group, content was well organized, pace was flawless and it was a great learning experience. I value myself as a good trainer but was more impressed by Bruce than any instructor or trainer that I have seen in a long time. I recommend this person as being in a class of his own. Business men looking to raise the bar should take this guy seriously.”


Kit Brown
Broker Associate at Keller Williams Realty DTC
I recently took Bruce’s classes on Buyer’s Mastery, Seller’s Mastery and Career Engineering. As a very new real estate agent I learned valuable tools that made perfect sense for me and I could implement immediately. Bruce cares about what he does and the people he works with. He is a creative expert who helps agents get great results.


PJ Magin
Broker Associate at Keller Williams Denver Central
“Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. I really enjoyed his classes and walked away with valuable information that I can use in my everyday business practices!”


Michael Johnson
Founder and CEO at Trichology Concepts, LLC.
Bruce’s coaching and Mastery Classes are second to none and provide an excellent value. His knowledge, experience and delivery are very conducive to ease of learning and practical adaptation. I highly recommend his services!


Jim Parker
Broker Associate at Brokers Guild – Cherry Creek Ltd
I have known Bruce for more than 15 years. Since arriving in Denver in the 1980’s, he has established a solid reputation for superior service to his clients which enabled him to achieve his status as a member of the Re/Max Hall of Fame. Since leaving RE/Max, Bruce has shared his expertise with hundreds of fellow Realtors. I have taken all three of his classes and found them to be excellent. I particularly enjoyed working with him as a member of Toastmasters. Bruce is a talented speaker, and teacher, and is always ready to contribute his time and talents.in service to the real estate community. I heartily recommend Bruce as a competent Realtor, a talented teacher, a dedicated servant, and am proud to have him as a friend! .


Leslie Lowery
Residential Realtor Specializing in Homes, Foreclosures, Investment Properties
I feel very fortunate to have worked with Bruce as my mentor at Your Castle over the past year. By implementing his ideas, advice and tools, I have been able to restructure and streamline my Real Estate career and my results have convinced me he knows what he’s talking about! His classes are a must for any real estate agent who wants to be successful, while maintaining balance in their life and staying true to self. I look forward to attending more of Bruce’s classes!l


Carol Guzman
Broker Associate,CNE, CDPE at Your Castle Real Estate, LLC
I highly recommend Bruce Gardner for Realtors that truly want to take their real estate careers to the next level! His “Seven Styles” class helped me find my real estate strategy and the focus I needed. His coaching classes helped me reinvent myself so that now I absolutely know where my business will come from and how to be successful in the future. Bruce is without a doubt the best mentor and coach I have ever had and I am so grateful to be able to benefit from his knowledge.



Alex Kishinevsky 
Real Estate Broker , Southeast Denver Specialist
Bruce is a true guru of real estate, he is so so knowledgable, so positive and entertaining, he is a true inspiration to anyone who ever met him.
He is the main reason that I want to be in Real Estate, and he is the major reason for my passion and success. And if you never been to Bruce’s classes or not read his books you are really missing out.


Renee Palmer
Residential Real Estate Metro Denver
Bruce Gardner’s Seven Styles and Best Year Ever training programs are the most dynamic real estate courses I’ve ever taken. Seven Styles will help you zero in on a business model that fits your personality and gives you a business plan you can focus on and enjoy, eliminating the “noise” in your head about what you “should” be doing. Best Year Ever will give you cutting edge ideas designed to be effective working with Buyers and Sellers in today’s challenging market. With Bruce’s coaching, I created an organized, powerful plan that helped me take my business from a struggling mess earning minimal income to earning six figures in less than a year, and I had FUN in the process. Bruce’s presentation is short and sweet, focused and relevant. If you are a real estate professional and plan to stay in business more than two or three years, you can’t afford to miss his courses – they are the best real estate training value available.


Chuck Strauss
Aurora Realtor | Aurora Homes for Sale | Heritage Eagle Bend Real Estate | Aurora Short Sales | Denver Real Estate
Bruce was one of the main influences in my decision to move to Your Castle. He is incredible in what he does in agent development and training. Over the past year, having worked with Bruce and taken several of his classes he has helped me immensely in reshaping my career and moving it in the right direction. Because of his recent classes and some individual coaching, I believe that 2012 will be my best year ever!


Carolyn Ingebritson
All About Senior’s” Specialize Real Estate & Options
Bruce is my life saver, he helps me understand the real estate market and trends through his detailed classes that he teaches and also helps me define my role and goals in my business. He is a true inspiration to me and keeps me focus …..He is the best.


Jerry Downer
at My IT Guy,LLC
The key word that comes to mind when thinking about the training and coaching that Bruce provides is “relevant”. Bruce’s training is based on today’s concepts, today’s economy, today’s markets, today’s technologies, and today’s consumer. He makes an immediate positive impact.


Judy Gonzales
Realtor at Equity Colorado Real Estate
Bruce is a excellent teacher and coach. Bruce teaches agents to be one step above the competition. giving senerios of different situations they could be in and overcome them.
Bruce as a coach is able to recognize what each agent needs indivdually and is able to guide that agent to the path that they need to be on. thank you for your wealth of knowledge!


Sherre Seay
Real Estate Employing Broker
Bruce is an inspiration and a true mentor. His classes in Career Mastery and in addition, his book Seven Styles give a wealth of knowledge and experience. Bruce is supportive, available and always ready with creative and valid suggestions and help. Anyone starting new or coming back into real estate will certainly profit from his instruction and his book. Plus he is always upbeat and enthusiastic. Thanks Bruce!


Drew Schneider
Realtor, CRS at Your Castle Real Estate
I just completed Bruce’s new book, “Seven Styles, How to Design Your Real Estate Career of Success and Significance”. This book should be mandatory reading for anybody that wants to be a Realtor in the United States. I certainly wish I had this information available to me when I started my real estate career. There is nothing else like it. Bruce’s focus on matching a Realtor’s personality with one of the Seven Styles seems like common sense, yet nobody else has put it down on paper before. His strategies are clear and simply illustrated. Despite being in my 10th year as a Realtor, I picked up some good tips and plan to implement them immediately. Thank you Bruce for being an integral part of my success and the success of Your Castle Real Estate!


LaTonia M. Gore
Social Media Marketing | Social Media Consulting | Social Media Training
Bruce has an extensive background in Real Estate. He is a Real Estate Coach, Mentor, Trainer, and Author. If you have not attended one of Bruce’s classes, you must. It will change your life, and business. He knows his stuff hands down. If you want to take your Real Estate business to the next level, take one of Bruce’s classes. He will give you the information, tools, and resources for to develop a plan that will work. I highly recommend utilizing Bruce for your Real Estate business needs. He is great at what he does. We are so grateful to have him at Your Castle Real Estate.


Janet Goldrick
Real Estate Agent at Keller Willams Realty
Bruce is the best there is in the business of training and development for both new and seasoned real estate agents.


Kim Salacinski
Broker Associate, GRI at Your Castle Real Estate
Bruce’s willingness to share his expertise knows no bounds, and he is highly effective in coaching, training and specific knowledge about Real Estate. Not just how to do it, but how not to do it. After evaluating my goals, he has shown me specifically how to apply my skills to achieve my goals. I believe he has shown me how to be a professional, an expert, and has given me the tools to help me with my clients best interests. He has made selling Real Estate fun, not just a job. Having been coached in Real Estate periodically throughout almost a decade, there is no question my time with him has been more valuable than all of my previous coaches put together.


Tani Carr
Realtor/Vacation Rental Owner
Bruce is an excellent business development specialist for Realtors and offers great training and classes to further agent’s knowledge and expertise. Highly recommended!


Larry Giebelhaus
Full-Time Caregiver for My Wife
Bruce Gardner is one of the best all around Agent Development specialists in the entire rocky mountain region. His savvy knowledge of human behavior and his common sense teaching approach will surly help to increase every sales person’s bottom line. If you have not attended one of his workshops, you owe it to yourself to take the next available class. You will not be disappointed!


Brandon Gill
Broker Associate at Your Castle Real Estate
I cannot emphasize enough the quality of character that resonates from Bruce Gardner. He has the ability to transform the everyday average producing agents into rainmakers! If you have ever tried to do that your better off turning water into wine. Having a few mentors in my life, Bruce has been the only one that goes beyond listening and can build with you on a very intricate level. His crudentials are nothing short of impressive but his personality sheds a whole new light on success.


Tracy Shaffer
REALTOR | Writer | People Mover.
Bruce is the best thing that’s happened to my real estate career. His powerful concepts have allowed me to streamline and focus my business and work with intention. As a result, I my business has doubled and on track to double again. If you have not taken his Master Classes, you’re missing out. More than an accountability/productivity coach, Bruce is a holistic, grounded and effortlessly logical life coach. Oh, and he’s funny to boot.


Marcus Kray
Realtor, Associate Broker at At Home Real Estate
Bruce Gardner is incredibly professional, courteous, and completely selfless, willing to divulge the secrets of his success to his fellow agents at Your Castle Real Estate. His Career Mastery workshops are brilliantly designed to facilitate an agent’s growth and provide new ideas for how to do business. He has opened my eyes to my potential as an agent and has encouraged me to develop my skills in real estate. Bottom line: Bruce is a real estate genius!


Bob White
Broker Associate at Your Castle Real Estate
Bruce Gardner’s training, classes and books have been essential to the launch of my real estate career. How fortunate Your Castle Real Estate and Colorado agents are to have Bruce as a resource! His fundamental approach to real estate as a career is relatable, effective and motivating. I recommend him to anyone thinking of a career in real estate or anyone already on that path. Thank you Bruce!


Kathy Winnick
Realtor, Your Castle Real Estate, Inc.
Bruce Gardner’s training, classes and books have been essential to the launch of my real estate career. How fortunate Your Castle Real Estate and Colorado agents are to have Bruce as a resource! His fundamental approach to real estate as a career is relatable, effective and motivating. I recommend him to anyone thinking of a career in real estate or anyone already on that…more


Jim Garcia
720-385-4497 www.castlepines-realestate.com, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Castle Pines Village, Parker
Bruce’s knowledge and expertise in the real estate industry are quite impressive. Bruce knows “how” to take great care of his customers, listens to their needs, and quickly understands solutions to those needs. I would recommend Bruce based on his hands on approach for excellent customer service.


Spencer R. Madison
REALTOR® / Broker Associate at Your Castle Real Estate, Realtor
As a new broker associate at Your Castle Real Estate, Bruce was instrumental in helping me determine how to best relate to my clients and work within my sphere of influence. His workshops spurred me to create an effective business plan, one that would work seamlessly with my personality and goals. He has been a constant tutor and a mentor to all of the brokers in our organization and his book “Seven Styles” is a breakthrough of mindset for real estate professionals.


Holly Jaros
Managing Broker/ Owner Denver Luxury Real Estate
I have attended several of Bruce’s classes and they are always excellent. He has given me a lot of insight on how to improve my career and streamline my schedule. His presentations are always well prepared and full of great information. I would recommend his classes to every real estate broker who would like to make more money.


Lou Farris
Broker Consultant/Short Sale Specialist at Your Castle Real Estate
Bruce is phenomenal at helping you pull back and look at your situation and take stock of things so you can become more effective and efficient. He has a mentorship style that is trustworthy and reliable.
Since I have known Bruce, I have always known him to be the consummate professional, and a caring and generous friend, who will help you see, and creates a climate that you will then be able to do.
Bruce is a great asset to Real Estate and the real estate community. I can’t thank him enough for the genuine interest he has shown those he helps to better their craft.


Fred Neitzel
Realtor at Cherry Creek Properties, LLC
Bruce is an outstanding speaker and instructor. The real world application and instruction he provides is highly valuable information that you can put into practice right away. I recommend Bruce and his educational seminars to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level.


Lahai Sogbandi
Property Manager/Realtor at Stars & Stripes Homes, Inc.
It’s truly unfortunate that all markets don’t have a Bruce Gardner as a trainer, mentor and colleague! Bruce’s insight on the various business styles—and how to best approach them based on one’s personality and/or strengths—is second to none. Bruce has helped lay the success roadmap for countless real estate agents, and will continue to reach, mold and guide us with his new book, Seven Styles. I’m honored to know and work with Bruce personally, and am impressed that he makes the time to personally mentor agents one-on-one.


Sherry Cree
Realtor/Investor at Real Living CO Real Estate
If you are real estate agent determined to be successful, I would recommend taking Bruce’s Career Mastery class. It will present different styles/approaches of successful agent model. He helped me determine what my style is and where I have most leverage to prospect. He is genuine and has great sense of humor.


Jeremy Lambert
Director of Recruiting at Your Castle Real Estate
Bruce is one of the best teachers I have ever had the chance to work with. His Career Mastery Class opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about my business strategy. Being able to run ideas by Bruce has been one of the main reasons I have been successful at Your Castle! If you haven’t been to one of Bruce’s classes you are missing out!


Denise Wambsganss
Real Estate – Denver Metro Experience in Greater Metro Denver area, Blog – www.wambsganss.blogspot.com
Bruce has a vast amount of knowledge in the Real Estate industry overall BUT his specialty is teaching people how to THRIVE in their business. He has a way of zooming in on what you are passionate about and then guiding you down a path of success. He teaches proven methodologies that not only help you be at the top of your league but he also shows you how to LOVE what you do while you are doing it. He is GREAT.


Darcy Truppo
Colorado Home Realty | Metro Brokers Highlands Ranch | Denver Real Estate Agent | Homes for Sale in Colorado
Bruce is a wealth of information and a great communicator. He has been so much help to me in starting my real estate business! In short – take his classes! You wont be sorry!
November 1, 2010, Darcy worked indirectly for Bruce at Your Castle Real Estate


Ranee Sullivan
CRS, Experienced Realtor
Bruce Gardner is a first class individual with a talent for communicating
and inspiring others to do their best. He is absolutely doing what he
is meant to do. He loves coaching, teaching and helping agents develop their potential. I have taken most of his courses at Your Castle Real Estate and have left with information I could implement immediately in my business. He has motivated and inspired me to become a better agent and also to become more genuine and true to myself. I highly recommend Bruce!


Jonathan Ghaly
Real Estate Broker at Cherry Creek Properties
Bruce was an excellent real estate coach for me during the 9 months we met. Besides being a Realtor of the Year and an expert in residential real estate, he also helps agents get a focus on the unique business plan and strategy that best fits them. He took me seriously, was very personable, and didnt let me make excuses for myself. He is both a great listener and an excellent communicator. He is extremely concrete and not another pie-in-the-sky motivational coach. He didnt have a template plan for me that he tells every agent to do, but took the time to get to know me and how I worked, and we both came to see my personal success style and what that means. He had an answer to every question. I felt rejuvenated, hopeful, and positive after meeting with him. I would highly recommend Bruce Gardner as real estate coach to anyone.


Beth Baker Owens
Your Castle Real Estate
Bruce is a top notch instructor and speaker. His knowledge of real estate is based in experience. The content is very practical and freshly organized. Bruce is also a good listener. I’m delighted to be able to take his classes and communicate with him.


Beau “Lagniappe” La Point

The most valuable and reliable title insurance executive in Colorado.
I’ve known Mr. Gardner for over 10 years, and he has consistently exemplified the ideal character of a life-changing coach. His extensive experience in real estate testifies to his knowledge that is poured into every professional seeking his direction and advice. Bruce layers all couseling with the personal touch and caring of a longtime friend, which inspires all those with whom he comes in contact. If you want to take your professional – and personal – life to an unbelievable level, get connected to Bruce Gardner.


April Berg
Serving Bear Creek & Beyond
Bruce has been awesome to work with! He has coached me on taking my business to the next level. I have a clear focus and Bruce has been instrumental in getting me to this point in my career! I look forward to many years of success with his guideance and assistance. Exceptional business professional, colleague and friend.


Nancy Woodson
Realtor at Metro Brokers
I recently took Bruce’s Buyer Mastery Series at Jefferson County Association of Realtors. I received an unbelievable amount of information and real estate tools to jumpstart my career. He got me enthused and pumped up with great ideas and tips for very little cost. Thank you Bruce!


Jared Carlson
Realtor & Investor
I highly recommend Bruce not only for who he is and what he does, but the quality of his classes are top notch. I am also coaching with Bruce and he’s already given me great ideas to implement right away. Recently, I went through his Buyer Mastery class and this is a “must attend” for any agent who wants to get better in their career. You can walk out and be ready with great information to use immediately.


Laura Cowperthwaite
Founder, Thriving Artist Alliance & Broker Associate, Your Castle Real Estate
Bruce has been my professional coach for 2 years and in that time my business has gone from a painful plodding, closing 5 deals the year before to a thrilling joy-ride on track to close 24 transactions this year. Bruce is a gifted listener, skilled at helping his clients tap into their passion and leverage that passion into an exponential expansion of their business. His Buyer & Seller Mastery classes give laser focus methods of working with clients to close more deals with less hassles. If you are looking to improve your business and increase the quality of your life, Bruce Gardner is the coach that can help you do it.


John Woullard
Automobile Broker
“I had the pleasure of being a student at a series of classes taught by Bruce Gardner. The content of information pertained to Real Estate; specifically I learned about working with buyers and sellers. I found Bruce to be an off-the chart Instructor. He had absolute control of the group, content was well organized, pace was flawless and it was a great learning experience. I value myself as a good trainer but was more impressed by Bruce than any instructor or trainer that I have seen in a long time. I recommend this person as being in a class of his own. Business men looking to raise the bar should take this guy seriously.”


Drew Schneider
Realtor, CRS at Your Castle Real Estate
I took Bruce’s Buyer Mastery and Seller Mastery classes and they were 2 of the best classes I’ve EVER taken in my 7 year career in real estate. Virtually everything we discussed had a practical application in my business and I intend on implementing as much as I can as quickly as I can. By taking these classes I will be able to provide my clients with significantly better service while I’m increasing my business. Don’t think twice about taking a class taught by Bruce. Just do it!


Paulette DePumpo
Experienced Real Estate Broker
How do I express in words the gratitude I have towards a man who has coached and mentored me through a very challenging time in my real estate career. Bruce has incredible listening skills and is able to hear beyond the words to what the issues really are. He is able to articulate his thoughts and ideas in ways that do not feel like criticism, but are words of encouragement and support. He brings out the best in the people that are lucky enough to be mentored and coached by him. His skills in the real estate market are beyond compare…and his methods are ones to be emulated. His track record and successes speak for themselves. Thank you Bruce for all you do. It is hugely appreciated!


Robert McGuire, ASR
Realtor/Consultant, Park Hill and MetroDenver Area Specialist
Bruce is a very savvy and knowledgeable Realtor, Trainer, and Coach in the Real Estate Business. It was a pleasure meeting with him on a weekly basis while he was at Keller Williams Denver Centra Real Estate Company. I not only gained valuable information and encouragement; but we were able to become good friends in the process. I would give him the highest recomendation. Robert McGuire, ASR.


Carol Verbeck
Broker Associate at Brokers Guild Cherry Creek Ltd.
Bruce Gardner is an active and accomplished member of Denver’s Real Estate community. His unique coaching style is based on a foundation of personal and professional integrity. He taps into and helps to develop qualities of excellence in the agents with whom he works, guiding them to the achievement of their full potential


Brian Peters, ABR, CRS, CDPE, EcoBroker
Broker Associate at RE/MAX Unlimited
I worked with Bruce when we were both at Keller Willams and recently had the pleasure of taking his Seller Mastery course. His years of experience and thoughtful presentation makes his class enjoyable as well as educational. The course content was superb. Any time you have an opportunity to attend a class taught by Bruce – DO IT!


Carol LeClair
Broker Associate at Equity Colorado
Are you a newly licensed broker or veteran that needs to re-launch a real estate career? You need a great coach and great systems. Bruce Gardner will teach you his secrets to becoming just that successful broker you know you can be. I have attended Bruce’s classes and highly recommend the the tools and training he provides.



Independent Real Estate Professional at Re/Max Unlimited Inc.
Bruce is an impressive professional and a great coach. His teaching style allows his protege to grow and think under careful guidance- he doesn’t teach you how to do something as much as hel helps you think you way through the problem to find the answer. Bruse is an asset to any organization he is a part of.


PJ Magin
Broker Associate at Keller Williams Denver Central
Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge to the classroom. I really enjoyed his classes and walked away with valuable information that I can use in my everyday business practices!