The “Seven Styles” Class

This is a powerful class that explores how to succeed in real estate. You’ll learn the power of having the right strategy that fits who you are as an individual, and you’ll discover your natural “Style” of success. We’ll review:



  • Changing Consumer behavior and the impact on the real estate industry
  • The power of Web 2.0 and new channels of communication
  • The Seven Success Styles in real estate and which is the best strategy for you
  • The DISC Personality Profiles and how that can impact your career
  • The “Success Triangle” and how to use it to launch your career or re-invent yourself when the market shifts
  • Tracking market data to predict market changes
  • Sample “PowerPlans” by “Style” that identify the strategic elements of your strategy
  • How to position your Web Assets based on your Business Strategy
  • Examples of agents succeeding with each “Style”


Read some comments from agents who have attended this class:


“Great class. So glad I took it!”

“I loved all of the useful & eye opening information that I can apply to my business.”

“Bruce was great! Lots of information. Printed material is great.”

“The most informative in the 3-part series.”

“Helped me focus so much more on what I should be doing to succeed.”

“Really great class OMG”

“Every bit of the info can be utilized.”

“Excellent class!  I will definitely recommend it to others!  Thank you!”

“A plethora of ideas that can be implemented immediately.”

“Awesome instructor.”

“The Success Styles were great!”

“So much useful information!”

“… he was the best speaker I’ve heard in a long time.”

“Great class!  Can’t wait to attend the Buyer & Seller Mastery!”

“This course has made me think and do ‘internal evaluating. Fabulous knowledge!”

“Bruce is great!  Bruce presented well, very fun & engaging.  I’m a lender & I got a lot out of this!”

“Great – Worth the invested time.”

“Everything was great!  Presentation, pace, information, examples, visual aids… all great J”

“This has really helped me find my niche.”

“Very good!”

“Class substance was very valuable to someone starting out in a real estate career!  Thank you!!”

“I love your energy, your enthusiasm & knowledge on it all!”

“Every agent should take this class!  This class should be certified!”

“Excellent class! I will definitely recommend it to others! Thank you!”

“I so felt this was a super class & would highly recommend it.”

“Must take it, no matter the skill level, this class will improve client relationships.”

“Best class I’ve taken all year.”

Check the Upcoming Events page and reserve your seat. Prepare to change the way you think about success in real estate!