October 16, 2010 posted by adm68

The Work Behind “SEVEN STYLES”

The Work Behind “SEVEN STYLES”

Over the past 3 years, I have been coaching real estate agents, and my emphasis has been to help them create and implement business strategies and plans for success that are matched to who they are as people. I have worked hard to understand an agent’s natural “assets” and their personality type, and then help them create an individual strategy and plan built on that foundation. In this way, they will
be engaged in activities that are comfortable for them, and that take advantage of their strengths.

In doing this work, I’ve been able to identify the different ways an agent can succeed and have labeled them. Now we have a system based on this concept that empowers real estate agents to create powerful and successful careers. Clarity is achieved, the Business plan can be easily written, and the path to success is apparent.

The core concept is simple: an agent can design a career that is matched to them and will deliver the success that they seek, and still be true to who they are. That is the message of “SEVEN STYLES”.

My personal goal is simple: I want to change the way we have the conversation in our industry about how to succeed. And I want more agents to succeed in ways that are natural to them. I want to make a difference in the lives of others.

“SEVEN STYLES” was written to make that difference.

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